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JULY 17 -21 -2023


National Baptist Deacons Convention

Blue Skies
Blue Skies

Who We Are

The National Baptist Deacon's Convention of America Inc. and its Auxiliaries began on July 26, 1934, when members of local Deacon organizations from Washington, D.C., Richmond, Virginia, and Hilltop, Maryland met to initiate a closer relationship of Baptist Deacons.

The original purposes being:

1. Learning how to assist Pastors and better advancing the general interest of churches;

2. Bringing a closer relationship between the Deacons and the members of our Churches;

3. Discussing and studying principles and duties that apply to Deacons;

4. Performing home and foreign mission work.

 What We Do

The Convention offers a vast array of positive programs that revolve around the organization's original purpose of worship, education, fellowship, and missionary work. All the programs are lead by skilled and dedicated personnel allowing all attendees to flourish in this journey. 

Join Us

You may join us as an individual Baptist Deacon or as a part of an organized body of Deacons. We encourage you to become involved at the local level to perpetuate ongoing fellowship. 

Local Groups are advised to form a Women's Auxiliary and to include Deaconess and other Christian Women.

Usually, a minimum of three Boards of Deacons from nearby churches is sufficient to form a local unit.

Blue Skies
Blue Skies
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